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Where Am I?

July 30, 2011

I just woke up.

I’m a cabin in the woods. The windows are barred. The doors are locked.

I can’t get out.


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  1. Jester permalink

    The game begins.

    Have fun.

  2. Kobalos permalink

    Judging from the comment from the Jester, it seems like you are partaking in some sort of game. Then again, the Jester could be trolling, although, he has been talking about some game.
    Anyways, can you remember anything from before you were locked up?
    Also, although it’s highly improbable, do you have any explosives, or any other thing to help get you out?
    Hmmm, Slender Man usually resides within the forest, I wonder if he had anything to do with you being trapped.

  3. Kobalos permalink

    Look up the Jester on Twitter. He’s that guy with the weird mask on. Here’s his account if you need it.!/ThePuppetsFool

    Then again, you probably already know this by now, but just in case.

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