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This is Jester Speaking

August 1, 2011

Hello little ones. I have decided to post this to dear Derek’s blog, as Twitter’s character limit is difficult to get around and I want Derek to understand what’s happening to him.

I am Jester, and you are all participating in my game.

The pieces are in place, and Round One begins tomorrow.

Here are the rules:

1) Each Round I will post a challenge on Twitter. Each challenge will have a time limit. Whoever solves the challenge first will be rewarded by me presenting them with a choice. What they choose will alter Derek’s living conditions.

2) If the challenge is not solved by the time the time limit runs out, Derek will die.

3) Derek’s sister Grace is barred from answering my challenges. Instead, I will be sending her a series of clues. She will follow the clues if she wants to see her brother again. Travel expenses will be provided for by me.

4) Grace is allowed to share my clues and ask for help, but if she tries to stray from the path I have chosen for her, Derek will die.

5) Sometimes I may post a Bonus Round. These follow different rules from regular rounds. Those rules will be explained when I post them.

6) Sometimes I will ask you to finish a joke for me. Whoever writes the funniest punchline gets a prize.

7) The game will end once Derek leaves the cabin.

Round One will start tomorrow. Have fun and remember: it’s just a game. Don’t take too seriously. Unless you happen to be Derek, there’s nothing to worry about.

Happy hunting.




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  1. Rory permalink

    Do we have to send you email address in order to receive the prizes?

  2. katelyn permalink

    is this the game my dark journal was tacking about if so then my theory on kill or be killd is not true?

  3. Alright, Jester. I’ll play your game. As long as you let him go.

  4. I do enjoy a good game. Grace, don’t worry, just play along, Derek’ll be fine.

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