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August 6, 2011

head hurts


New stuff in the mornings. but head hurts. the water makes me sick. spent most of yesterday in the bathroom.


should sleep. light from monitor hurts.


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  1. i hope you can git mesesen soon mabey it wus sumting in the water for now (if you have eney soup thats good for clods) and sleep and hot baths/showers to =)

  2. I’m sorry, Derek. Try to drink other fluids – if any of that health food stuff is soup, eat that. (Of course, I don’t know if you have pots and pans or a stove, so maybe not.)

    Feel better.

  3. Don’t worry, Derek, I just figured out the bonus round with help from others. We’ll be sure to get you something useful.

  4. Dotta permalink

    I’m going to look for my girl scout handbook, I think it had a simple stove in there. It’s worth a shot.

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