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My Finger

August 7, 2011

I woke up today with blood on my sheets and a bandage wrapped around my left hand.


My ring finger was missing.


It doesn’t actually hurt all that much… but it feels weird. Like it should still be there. I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet.


Actually, I’m feeling better. The people who did this must have injected me with something to keep me from waking when they… when they took my finger. Maybe it help fight off the cold?


But why did they take my finger? Did someone mess up or make this Jester asshole mad?


saarhbuias It jutys suddleny started throbnbiong. hurts hursthurtshurtss


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  1. Kobalos permalink

    This statement is meaningless. I am sorry for not being much of a help.
    Helping your sister look for you is something they’re working on.
    Everyone it seems, wants to help you.

    Pitiful that you had to lose your finger.
    Regrettably, I could not help.
    I am sorry.
    Zany is the Jester. Crazy and whimsical.
    Even though you are trapped, your still alive.

    Failed, not yet. Never.
    Opened the doors, but you cannot.
    Restraints on the Jester?

    That will be great. Would it not?
    He is working for some entity.
    Empress of the puppet, I believe.

    Just as always, somebody is hurt.
    Everbody hurts.
    Saving everyone is not easy.
    That, I know.
    Eager to help, to save, but failing at it can take it’s toll.
    Race against time, is what this game basically is.
    Sometimes, we succeed.

    Joyous is the day we succeed.
    Oh course, when we fail, we will be sad.
    Karma’s a bitch sometimes.
    Eh, but sometimes it’s fair.

    Wait for help.
    As well, do not give up.
    Sow what you reap. Or was it reap what you sow. I cannot seem to remeber the correct order.

    Yes, I believe it is reap what you sow.
    Oh, it seems like I am rambling. Sorry about that.
    Ugly, what the Jester did to your hand.
    Researching him, I still do not know much about him.

    It is hard, but one mustn’t give up.
    Not ever.
    Giving up, to me, means that one lets the other win.
    Easy to give up, but don’t.
    Running away is okay. Doesn’t mean you gave up. Just means you fight for another day.


    A hint.
    blah blah.
    bleh.-These three sentences are a separate paragraph. Spells Abb.

    I just pressed enter two times, so there will be enough space.-Another paragraph.
    I don’t know why I sought to tell you this way.

  2. Goddammit!

    I knew something was bad when they left that gag gift on my doorstep. Goddamn motherfucker.

  3. Kobalos permalink

    I think I may be wrong in my assumptions, but it’s a hunch.

  4. It was me that screwed up. I am so sorry, Derek, Grace.

  5. No one is to blame except the Jester. You can’t beat yourself up for playing this game. Let’s hope the game isn’t rigged, in the end…

  6. as far as i’m concerned, dotta, you didn’t screw up. you played it the way he wanted. i doubt there was a way to tell him “neither”.

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