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Still Kicking

August 10, 2011

The pain in my finger has died down. At some point I discovered that the medicine cabinet in the bathroom was filled, so I’ve been taking Tylenol.


There’s a lot of other new stuff in here too, but most of you probably already know what’s there, since you chose it.


I finished A Game of Thrones and The Count of Monte Cristo. They were good books. I just started The Way of Kings.


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  1. glad to hear that you’re still alive! hang in there!! =D

  2. Thank god.

  3. Are you running low on anything? The Jester said he’d give you stuff like food, but didn’t say that he’d keep it stocked.

    • No. The food is being restocked every few days. So I’m good with that. I’ve even gotten used to the taste! 😛

      • Great! Is it hot there? There may be a way to rig a food heating appliance from cans.

  4. We got you a dog. It was either that or a cat, or the Jester would choose something else entirely for us–which I don’t think anyone wanted to hazard.

  5. Hey Derek, can you look up several words from certain pages from the House of Leaves, please?



  6. Nevermind, I figured it out already.

    I scream before normalcy ‘where the water waxes and wanes’

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