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August 12, 2011

Today I found a stuffed chihuahua on the kitchen counter.


…Why was there a stuffed chihuahua on the counter?


It’s currently in one of the cabin’s many empty closets, facing the wall. Because taxidermy creeps me out.


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  1. zero permalink

    the jester shed he wus going to git you a dog or a cat sumone chos dog god dam it i dident thek it wus going to be dead XC well now you have sumone to tack to so you dont go insane

  2. Don’t you like it? I stuffed it myself for you especially.

    Took a while for it to stop barking and struggling…

  3. That’s depressing, but thankfully it wasn’t some sort of rabies-infected coyote.

  4. Wow. Didn’t see that coming.

  5. Dia permalink

    What is your last name?

  6. Kobalos permalink

    It could have been worst.
    Also, sorry about the finger.

  7. Amandel permalink

    Hello Derek. You said you have lights. Did you mean you have electricity? A electric generator?

    Amandel, a friend asking and hoping you are feeling well.

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