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Dish and dogs

August 15, 2011

Oh hey, a dishwasher. Now I can wash my silverware. And nothing else. Because silverware are the only dishes I have.


Oh well, at least I won’t have to use dirty forks anymore. Sorry I flipped out yesterday.


Oh, and Latent Moths? I looked at it. The damn dog creeps me out. I’m not sure what came over me– maybe it was the stress, maybe I just needed an outlet, maybe I was so desperate for there to be a way out through that dog– but I cut it open. There was a plastic capsule inside it with a bit of paper in it.


On the paper was written the following: ” E-Ty-Fi-Th-O—Fi-Th-Fit-Fo—Et-S-E-TO-Fit—FO-Et-TTh-Fit—Tw-Ft-Fit-Fi-Se ”


…Yeah. I have fucking idea what that means.


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  1. LatentMoths permalink

    Wow…I’m glad my suggestion yielded something. Hopefully the message proves to be helpful and isn’t something like “The Jester was here”. We have people looking at the code for you. Hang in there.

  2. LatentMoths permalink

    Ok Derek. I think I have a good lead on what that code means, but I’m having problems with the last part. Can you please take a look at the code again (especially the last group of code) to make sure you typed it exactly as it appears on the paper? I could have very easily screwed something up in the decoding, but I wanted to check with you first before I dove back in. Thanks.

  3. Maybe you can try sticking some clothes in there to wash? And, I know this sounds crazy, but have you checked the dishwasher? Like actually looked inside? If you can tear into a dog to try and find something, it should be relatively painless to look inside the dishwasher. XD I’m glad you’ve calmed down, and hopefully we can find something to make your situation better soon.

  4. LatentMoths: I’m retranscribing it here: E-Ty-Fi-Th-O—Fi-Th-Fit-Fo—Et-S-E-TO-Fit—FO-Et-TTh-Fit—Tw-Ft-Fit-Fi-Fo-Se

    Dia: I checked. There’s nothing inside. Also I don’t think dish-washing fluid is meant to be used on clothes.

  5. It was worth a try. And embarrassingly enough, I know from some very broke days, that it can be used that way. It won’t be the best thing you’ve ever done, but it may help with your clothes reeking.

  6. LatentMoths permalink

    Thanks for rechecking the code for us. We have figured out that it says “Cheat code fourth word golden”. Through our dealings with Jester we have come across some other clues like this. Hopefully putting them all together will lead to something that can help you. Be on the look out for other hidden clues in the things that Jester gives you. We are working hard to help you out and can use all the clues we can get. Talk with you later, Derek.

  7. It could also be ‘longed’ or ‘dongle’. ‘Longed’ or ‘golden’, most likely.

  8. Dia permalink

    So… “These ____big golden.” Golden is another descriptive word, so there is probably another word beside the second one that we are missing.

  9. Brief internet research says it’s possible to wash some stuff in the top rack, but inadvisable. Besides Twitter, are any other sites blocked?

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